You probably want to visit Oudtshoorn for the ostriches but did you know there is a lot more to do here than just feeding and hugging ostriches? Whether you are traveling as a couple, with family or in a group there is something exciting for everyone. 

Here are the top things to do in Oudtshoorn.

The Swartberg Pass

A national monument with over 150 years of history is a must-see when in Oudtshoorn. A 27 km untarred road takes you to the summit 1583 meters above sea level. The road has many twists and turns, are tricky at some places and sometimes steep but is easily accessible with a normal car. The spectacular views and breathtaking nature; from snow-covered peaks in winter, to cool mountain streams in summer, promise an unforgettable experience.

Cango caves

The Swartberg range has more than 56 cave systems. Although most of the caves are not available to be visited by the public, the well-known Cango Caves offers some exciting exploring. You can walk through some magnificent halls and chambers, climb up limestone stairways, even crawl through tight, tiny passages or climb up sheer rock formations. Time spent at the Cango Caves will be an experience to treasure for years to come. 

Tour of a working ostrich farm

Ostriches are the biggest of all birds and are flightless. Apart from these facts, not many people know anything more about this unique breed. They are farmed with on a large scale in this area and a tour of a working ostrich farm will create in you a new appreciation of these exceptional birds.

Meerkat tours

Meerkats are adorable mammals. In Oudtshoorn, one of the most charming things you can do is to visit a colony of wild, habituated meerkats under the knowledgeable guidance of an experienced guide. Apart from taking pictures, your main job is to sit and watch them. You will not want to leave them after spending time with them. 

Historical cultural experience

Apart from adventures and explorations in nature as well as fine dining and wining, Oudtshoorn offers interesting and informative cultural experiences as well. There is a variety of experiences to choose from such as rock art on many private farms in the area, the many sandstone buildings, the museum, the ostrich feather boom, Ma Bettie’s Xhosa cultural experience and art festivals such as the Klein Karoo Arts Festival and the Klein Karoo Classique festival.

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