Sandstorm at Berluda

Our guests encountered a Little Karoo sandstorm this week! This was followed by much needed torrential rain, giving our ostriches a well-deserved shower! We are thankful and remain hopeful that there is more to come.

Our guests enjoying a coffee break with giraffes after an exciting meerkat tour. For enquiries about this great experience, contact us on 044 272 8518 or +27 794812260.

In the life of Meerkats its all about safety, and being a “lookout” is a very serious job. Photo credits: Steve Peck

Ever wondered why meerkats wake up so early to rise and shine? a Meerkat stands with it’s stomach facing the sun to heat up it’s organs. (almost like a solar panel,which of course is quite a trendy topic these days!) For more interesting facts on these creatures, Berluda offers a two hour excursion not to…

A visit from Tyd met Aleit!

Berluda had the priviledge to host Aleit Swanepoel of Kyknet’s popular programme “Tyd met Aleit” during his recent visit to the Little Karoo. The production team spent the day on one of the biggest ostrich farms in the world (our’s, of course!) and was also given an exclusive tour through our hatchery by owner Laura…

Please take care while visiting the Little Karoo

We are still experiencing drought conditions in the Little Karoo. Please be on the lookout for tortoises along the road if you are visiting Oudtshoorn and surrounding areas. If you decide to help them cross the road, please move them in the same direction they were headed. Please remember: safety first! Thank you for caring!