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Vreugdevoetjies Pre-School

Since farmers Piet and Laura Schoeman bought the farm Buffelsdrift in 2003, it has been a dream in Laura’s heart to start a facility where young children in the community can have a haven where they will receive love, care and education.

With no formal educational training, she was not sure where to start. The first step was to obtain a building which could be converted into a school, but this was unsuccessful until a local teacher from the community approached her for a building to start a school, a couple of years ago. For almost 10 years, she never gave up her dream.

Since then, Vreugdevoetjies has been transforming the lives of the small children of the community. By providing a sound foundation for them, we aim to put a dream in these childrens’ hearts. Today the school takes care of almost 80 children between the ages of 1 and 6.

We believe that by investing our time, energy and money in the next generation, this underprivileged community can be uplifted and given a chance to make the right choices in life. We take pride in sharing this initiative with our guests.

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