When you travel, be it for the day, in your own town or country or overseas, eating is a big part of your experience. Eating at a great place, with good quality food in a relaxing atmosphere will contribute to the enjoyment of your holiday. A bad experience in a restaurant will always be part of your memories and we often share stories about our worst restaurant experiences. When you travel to Oudtshoorn, you most probably had a look at your budget and plan to have the best meal at the best price that will make your stay in our lovely town one to always remember.

After a day in and around town, you will surely want to close the day with a delicious meal in a relaxing atmosphere. Oudtshoorn has a lot to offer and with some research, you will find an Oudtshoorn restaurant that offers what you are looking for. This post takes a quick look at the main considerations you should make before selecting a restaurant.

Convenient location

You have probably already done your research on the areas you plan on visiting in Oudtshoorn. To avoid the temptation of dining in a restaurant you know nothing about you need to research restaurants that are close to the areas you will be visiting. The right restaurant should also have an amazing ambiance else your experience will not be great. Factors that affect the ambiance of a restaurant include décor, background music, proper lighting, comfortable seating, and openness. Read as many reviews of your target restaurant as you can.

Value for money

People are comfortable paying good money for a great restaurant experience. It is not always about food. Patrons expect the prices to reflect the type of food being served and the level of service. Reputable establishments strive to offer great services with food of high quality. You must, however, be wary of unreasonably high prices. To determine if a restaurant offers value for money you need to read customer reviews. What are recent diners saying about the restaurant? To end up in the best restaurants in Oudtshoorn you have to steer clear of establishments with bad reviews. Having no customer reviews is also a major red flag.

Something unique

It makes no sense to travel halfway across the globe only to get the exact same restaurant services you are used to back at home. The reason you are traveling to a foreign country is to enjoy something unique. You should, therefore, find a restaurant that offers something that is not available elsewhere. The best restaurant will have one or several unique features that make it stand out.  As you know by now; Oudtshoorn is known as the Ostrich Capital of the world. You, therefore, have to taste ostrich meat when in our beautiful town. Ostrich meat is a very healthy red meat because it contains no fat and is always free-range. It tastes and looks a little like beef and an experienced chef will cook it to perfection to your taste. Ostrich eggs are also a possibility for breakfast. Berluda, for example, is not your typical restaurant. It is the best place to experience the best in South African hospitality. 

Complex menu

Once you find the perfect dining place you want to come back for more. That will not be possible if the menu is shallow. You should stick to restaurants that offer different types of food. A limited menu will force you into other questionable restaurants in the area.

When traveling to Oudtshoorn there is no better place to spend your nights and enjoy personalized South African hospitality than at Berluda. At Berluda you are sure the be treated with the best food and service. We have various activities to offer our guests. Our sunsets are of the most beautiful in the world. Our air is clean and the silence therapeutic. Here you will find pristine nature at the ready for you to enjoy. Look no further, make your reservations with us and experience our warm hospitality