In harmony with man and nature

At Berluda, we do our utmost to manage the human use in the biosphere in order that it may yield maximum sustained benefit to present generations, whilst maintaining its ability to meet the needs and aspirations of future generations. OUR 3 PRINCIPAL AIMS OF CONSERVATION 1. The preservation of essential ecological processes and life-support systems,…


Yes. Breathe. Sometimes, a simple thing such as a breath, can be incredibly valuable, as we’ve learned to experience recently with the second wave of COVID-19. So this post simply wants to reach out. To say we feel with those who mourn loss. We hope with those who are currently infected. We celebrate with those…

The beautiful Schoemanshoek.

Tranquility at it’s best! If ever you find yourself looking for us, the Dutch Reformed church will indicate that you are close to a warm welcome and a luxurious farm stay. Just turn left in front of the church to reach four-star hospitality at it’s best. Photo credits: Morne Jonker.

Our guests enjoying a coffee break with giraffes after an exciting meerkat tour. For enquiries about this great experience, contact us on 044 272 8518 or +27 794812260.